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Ceulemans Continental Cup General Information

Prize Money

$15,000 = Winner x 8 players $5,000 = Loser x 8 players $160,000 = Total Prize Money

Payment by bank transfer (no tax deduction before payment according to french law regulation – the french company Kozoom Multimedia will proceed the payments)

Transport fee

1050will be paid cash to Asian players on site 550will be paid cash to European players on site


A buffet will be available between 13 :00 and 16 :00 and offered to all players from Friday to Sunday. Coffee and soft drinks will be available at anytime.


Tables : Gabriels Rafale (1 table in playing area + 2 tables in practice rooms) Cloth : Simonis 300 Blue Delsa
Balls : Aramith Procup

Practice Rooms

There will be 2 team rooms for practice, one for each team. As there will be no practice time in the playing area between each stage, the players who will come to the table can practice in their own team room.

Team composition

According to the last edition of 2017 UMB Ranking 

Time schedule

The whole relay match will be televised and live during 3 days on MBC Sports (Korea)


3-Day race game: the team who scores 600 points wins the competition = 24 stages of 25 points. Each single point scores 1 point for the team.

Every player will play to reach the number of points of his stage (25pts -> 50pts -> 75pts -> 100pts -> 125pts -> ... -> 600pts). As soon as the number of points of one stage is reached by one player, the 2 next players come to the table to play the next stage.

The player from the leading team will continue playing the position left by his team mate. There is no practice between stages in the playing area. Player scan manage themselves their practice in their team room.

The player of the leading team cannot score more than 25 points.
The player of the losing team can make a comeback and scores more than 25 points...